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Combo Starters and Their Application

A combo starter, better known as a combination starter, can have a very literal definition which is; it combines the requirements of motor overload and short circuit protection in a single package Combination starters are available in a wide array of designs with enhanced solid-state overload protection in a wide variety of enclosures that are well structured to suit your environment. They exhibit workplace safety and finger-safe design which is very advantageous to the user. In some cases (depending on the production of different companies), combo starters can fitted with a circuit breaker. Its absence is not of much concern although a combo starter with a circuit breaker can turn out to be very beneficial. The combo starters can also come with painted metal enclosures.


Combination motor starters can be applied to both hazardous and non-hazardous processes. They are also used for across-the-line motor starting, motor disconnect, motor and line protection and start stop operations. Magnetic and combination starters are normally found in equipment that requires several or rather high horsepower, for example, woodworking machinery, industrial equipment and many more. Machines that have smaller loads, a good example being the regular handheld tools, they normally use a switch. These starters are reserve components of a vast number of machines and they are commonly used as replacements or for retrofitting older machines. A report based on mechanical text from an international source concerning combination starters stated that,' upon restoration of the voltage or upon switching on the incoming power supply, automatic restarting of the machine shall be prevented when such a restart poses a hazardous condition' .

Effectiveness (Functionality) of Combo Starters

Combination starters with circuit breakers (also called circuit breaker disconnects) are equipped to operate inside a vacuum so that it prevents the external environment from interfering with the process. By doing so, it minimizes downtime and increases overall reliability. Obviously, combination starters have a vast array of uses and they have been essentially developed to cater for all these application needs. One important factor combination starter manufacturers have incorporated in the device is reversing and non-reversing starter offerings like horizontal mounting, vacuum starters and multi speed starters. In addition, some combo starters are equipped with fusible and non-fusible disconnect switches which turn out very beneficial in all environments; however demanding.

An Ideal Combination Starter

There are various companies that deal with the manufacture and assembling of combination and magnet starters and it goes without saying that with all that concentration on that device it is bound to be very efficient if not perfect. Of the many designs present, there is of course the most proficient and well-equipped design that is top-notch compared to the rest. Such a design should most definitely have these features:
  • Built-in quality adjunctions: Inside, a proficient combo starter should have an approved circuit breaker that protects against high amp flow and at the same time offers great in field flexibility. It should also have a long lasting, energy efficient LED pilot light (LED is much more eco-friendly and saves energy compared to neon, xenon and other sources of artificial light.). A specially designed flexible cabinet seals that will prevent harmful substances from going in and also seal the interior every time it is closed.
  • Flexible shape: An efficient combo starter should accommodate the standard size control power transformer and also favor easy modifications.
  • Easy access: the starter should exhibit ease during installation, wiring maintenance and voluntary modifications.
  • Seismic tested: While choosing a combo starter always ensure that it is seismic tested and rated especially for critical uses like in hospitals, data centers, schools, and convention centers.

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