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Eaton / Cutler-Hammer / Westinghouse

Eaton / Cutler-Hammer Eaton is a power management company providing solutions to its customers in managing hydraulic, mechanic and electrical power efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton is an international company and very big for that matter owing to the 102,000 employees it has and the estimated cumulative $22.6 billion revenue from the year 2014. Eaton was affiliated with cutler hammer in the late 1970s reason being, Eaton believed they could only grow if they merged with other similar companies. Eaton in conjunction with Cutler-Hammer has benefited greatly the electrical and industrial sector. This proves the fact that Eaton not only deals with electrical machinery but also motorized equipment. Eaton /cutler hammer are well reputable in their line of work and offer great quality products and services to their customers.

Electrical solutions well developed by Eaton /Cutler-Hammer

Circuit protection (Breakers)

Eaton' s (together with cutler-hammer) wide range of low and medium voltage circuit breakers and fuses are used in protecting alternative energy, industrial mining and military applications from power overloads and short circuits. These circuit protection units are used in panel boards, switch boards, motor control centers, bus duct plug-in units and individual confines. Low voltage circuit breakers are regularly used worldwide making up a higher percentage of Eaton' s/ cutler-hammer' s revenue. In addition, life extension and modernization products have been made and projected by Eaton and specially designed for aging power systems. Their use can increase the electrical life of the power system. ... More

Surge protection products

Power is very important in every home. Its usage has increased over time and unfortunately so has its detriments. Eaton/cutler-hammer has found a way to minimize these problems and even eliminate them by allowing for power to be constantly flowing into their customer' s homes. Power surges can be very destructive especially to the various machines in our homes and more often than not, they are unpredictable. Cutler-hammer' s surge protection devices are specially designed to protect machinery against the damaging effects of lightning, utility switching and electrical motors. Even better, these devices from cutler hammer are available in large scale to cater for hospitals, residential homes, schools and even heavy power/ industrial plants.

Sensors and limit switches

Eaton has a wide range of sensors all with different means of applications. Whether it' s a sophisticated non-contact sensing solution needed or a simple mechanical actuated switch, Eaton can and most definitely will deliver. They are available in different makes including;

  • Photoelectric sensors: Their functioning requires projecting light over long distances in order to accommodate for long sensing ranges.
  • Inductive and capacity proximity sensors: The inductive proximity sensors, as the name suggests, detects metallic objects without need of physical contact with the object. On the other hand, capacity proximity sensors have the ability to detect any metallic and non-metallic objects and also without need of contact.
  • Limit switches: Eaton offers an array of limit switches responsible for maintaining the amount of power flowing into a machine. Their designs are available world wide and are well equipped to favor many different applications.
  • Conveyor sensors: Goods damage and mishandling is common with old, not to mention, outdated mechanical roller sensors. Eaton provides new and reliable conveyor sensors that prevent destruction of products in production.

Motor Control Centers

Gaining control of your machines is very important and what' s more crucial is that you should trust the right people to give you control over your equipment. Eaton in liaison with cutler-hammer presents their clients with the best for grouping motor control, associated control, industrial communications and distribution. They are specially built to suit any mechanical application.

Eaton/Cutler-Hammer has been very beneficial to the electrical and mechanical sector. Their affordable costs and varied products has paved their way towards success and cumulative company growth. Not only this, but their customer support is very reliable and satisfactory to all their clients.