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Motor Control is used for manual or automatic starting and stopping, forward or reverseing, regulating speeds, protecting overloads and limiting torque. Each application is unique and will have specifics depending on each individual requirements.

A Motor Control Center is usually a combination of one or more sections with a the bus being common and also containing multilpy mc units. Varible Frequency Drives (VFD's) Progarmmable Logic Controller (PLC's) and metering units along with MCC's are in demand and in practice at industrial factories. Low voltage from 120V to 600V and three phase are normally used for MCC's

Starting in the 1950's automobile manufactures used large numbers of motor controls. Commercial and industrial sites today are now using many different MC and MCC applications.

MC and MCC's can be specified with many different options. Overload Relays, pilots lights,switches, control transformers and terminal blocks are just a few of the different options available. Most MC and MCC's are ready to install from purchase, however, engineers can custom build units to be wired to VFD's or PLC's.

Normally MC and MCC's are installed in close proximity to the machinery that they tie into, however, if corrosion or dusty operations exist, than installation will normally be in a air conditioned room.

Motor Control

A small, early 1960s-vintage motor control center for 480 volt motors.

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