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Programmable Logic Controller - PLC's

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Programmable Logic Controller - PLC's If you are looking for a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) then look no further. We stock major brands from 120V-2O8V to 480V, from .015HP to 600HP, DLE Inc. has them in stock

Programmable Logic Controller and Their Functionality

A Programmable Logic Controller (denoted as PLC) can be simply defined as a specialized computer used in programming and thus involuntary controlling industrial processes. It can also be defined as an industrial computer control system that consistently monitor the state of input devices and makes decisions in relation to a custom program to control the state of the output devices. Its origin dates back to the late 1960s when an American company created the first device similar to the PLC. They called it Modicum. After the indulgence of other engineering firms into the business, the Programmable Logic Controller emerged later under a different company and later on became the main producer of the product. PLCs have a wide array of uses and more or less efficient for every industry. PLCs are well-equipped to serve distinct arrangements of digital and analog inputs and out puts.

Purpose of Programmable Logic Controllers

Before the advent of solid logic circuits, logical control systems were comprised of electromagnetic relays and although relays are still functional in modern times, they have been replaced by their modern counterparts. Earlier on when their control and sequencing for cars and other locomotives was composed of archaic machinery and relays, updating facilities was troublesome as mechanics had to manually reconfigure the relays to modify their functionality. In present times, digital computers having been designed as simply automated devices, their application favored running processes in factories and big institutions saving technicians a load some of work. Today, almost any production line, machine function or process can be immensely improved by the PLC.

A PLC also has its ties to a hard real time system. What does this mean exactly? A hard time system is that is programmed to produce output based on time 'deadlines'. Such time deadlines are often calculated or rather understood to be in the order of milliseconds and sometimes micro seconds and in this case relating to the functionality of PLCs. PLCs are well equipped for several arrangements including:
  • Extended temperature ranges
  • Immunity to electrical noise
  • Resistance to vibration and impact

PLC hardware

The hardware components are well adapted to their use. They are:
  • CPU: Consistently checks the Programmable Logic Controller to ensure it is error-free. It is also responsible for functions like logic operations, computer interface, arithmetic operations among others.
  • Memory: The CPU uses fixed data and the system ROM stores the data permanently for the OS (operating system). The RAM stores information concerning the status of input and output devices and also the value of counters, timers and other interior gadgets.
  • I/O section: the input keeps track of external devices which comprises of sensors and switches.
  • O/P section: The output has control over the other devices which include motors, pumps solenoids and lights.
  • Power supply: Specific PLCs have an additional power supply most of which work at 220VAC or 24VDC.
  • Programming device: this is more or less the main device in a PLC. It feeds the program into the memory of the processor then later transmitted to the PLC' s memory.

Advantages of PLC

Ease of execution

Programmable logic controllers, having been efficiently designed to alleviate troublesome operating of machines, are very easy to use. In simpler terms, they are easily programmed and easily understood. It is also easier to develop programs by offline simulation. Monitoring inputs and outputs has also been simplified by the functioning of the PLC.

Strong and durable

PLCs are designed proficiently to withstand vibrations, temperature, humidity and noise. In the long run, PLC can be very durable as these conditions do not affect their functioning.

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