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Square D

Square D

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Square D is a USA based private company that specializes in both manufacturing and distribution of electrical equipment; control systems and appliances. It majors in transformers, products used for power management, circuit protection, and motor and machine control. Its products are in a wide application in both residential and commercial fields; in both manufacturing and processing sites.

Square D Company has its headquarters in Palatine, Illinois, 60067-7399; 1415 South Roselle Road. Square D is a brand of a company known as Schneider Electric USA. The company is also American based and was founded in 1902. Schneider Electric Inc. acquired Square D in1991, May 24.

Product Lines

Square D is popular for its QO circuit breakers whose applications are numerous in both commercial and residential homes in North America. Different from the first breaker that is a QO series is the Home line breaker that is also cheaper. Home line breakers are not only cheap but also are differentiated from the QO breakers by their labels. Home line breakers are imprinted with the HOM mark whereas QO breakers are simply QO marked.

Another famous product from Square D brands is the Power Link circuit breaker; it is mainly used in skyscrapers for the control of lighting because of its high voltage property. Initially, Power Link and Power Line were known as D-Line and B-Line respectively before they were rebranded.  

The Management

A committee of qualified personnel; the company's members and various representatives of the staff oversee the entire company. It holds a meeting twice per annum whereby an advisory guest of the Foundation de France is invited. The president of Schneider Electric Company is also part of the executive committee.

Alongside a Selection Committee, an Operation Team also forms part of the management that governs the company. The Operation Team has various members who include; the General Delegate, Administrative Assistant, Gilles and the Director of Programmes.

In the governance, there is also The International Network of Foundation Delegates. The structure of the Foundationís network was initiated as a methodology of sponsorship engagement; not only is it high effective but also genuine in nature. Besides its endurable humane dimension, it is overseen at an international level. For those who involve themselves in the network, their vitality is also accelerated. An official letter is issued to the representatives who volunteered to work citing appointment that is valid for a term of two years.

Business Mission and Achievements

The key mission is aiding other businesses to counter the energy challenge; curb global warming and similarly achieve preferred operational efficiency. Knowing that healthy public relations are a stronghold pillar to every business, Square D practices proper ethics and responsibility in customers and suppliers relations. There are also good relations with the partners, employees and the community at large where Square D operates.

In the contemporary world, there are millions of people in abject fuel poverty. Shortly, Square D aims to foster the provision of uninterrupted energy to these millions of people that have little or no energy supply. It will facilitate the development and growth of society through vocational training and education in energy-related fields.

Through the various educational, awareness and training programs, Square D has been able to come up with different strategies for developing less privileged people. One of the ways is the establishment of Schneider Electric Foundation; that was founded in 2012. It has employed teachers who provide teaching and professional courses mostly to the underprivileged youth. Some of the teachers are the voluntarily retired employees of Schneider Electric Company.

The company has also associated itself with initiatives that fight energy poverty in different economies. It operates on a bush fire principle whereby a certain group of trainees is equipped with knowledge then uses it to serve the society at large. The initiative has relied on three main pillars; creating awareness through partnerships and training, putting their money in solidarity based investments and provision of a dedicated offer to the underprivileged.